Autumn Cafe

Nestled in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, the well-established Autumn Leaf Café has firmly etched its presence within the hearts of coffee enthusiasts, garnering substantial acclaim and popularity over time.

About the brand: Autumn Leaf Café is an established café in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad which has imprinted its identity among avid café goers. It has gained ample popularity over the years.

What they needed: The café needed us to take care of their marketing to make sure that the people in their community keep being in touch with the café one way or the other.

How we helped: The café is about comfort, being one with the nature, taking a step back and finding yourself in the silence. This energy has resonated with many of its customers which is why we wanted to highlight these aspects of it. During our photography sessions, we made sure to make the food a part of the surrounding nature. Cold and soothing colours were used to point out the key features of the café. This was also reflected in any designs or posters we designed for them.

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