Fix My Nutrition

Fix My Nutrition" is a transformative fitness food brand, dedicated to nourishing your journey with wholesome and tailored culinary solutions for a healthier, fitter you.

One of our most challenging food photography ventures was with Fix My Nutrition. FMN is a renowned fitness food brand that's raking up popularity points with every passing day. They have an incredibly massive menu that stretches across each and every fitness and dietary need. The incredible team at Fix My Nutrition tried their level best to make the food look the best it could with top-class plating techniques. However, with big numbers like this, things can become homogenous.

That's where our work comes in. Angles make a significant difference when it comes to perception. If you show a person a picture of a chicken tikka from a bird's eye POV and then show them a picture of paneer tikka from a 40-degree angle but much closer, it registers as two very different entities despite the subject's resemblance.

We worked hard with the FMN team who jazzed it up with unique plating styles, ingredient showers and garnishes and combined it with our creativity to make each and every food item to stand out. In the end, despite the challenges, the work we did for Fix My Nutrition was one of our favorited endeavors.

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