Handcrafted Foods

Discover a range of meticulously handcrafted cooking essentials that embody a passion for culinary mastery, bringing an artisanal touch to your gastronomic endeavors.

About the brand: Handcrafted foods is a decentralized approach to providing high-quality homemade pickles, pastes and powders for use in the kitchen.

What they needed: The brand had approached us in the stages of inception, seeking a clear establishment of a brand identity.

How we helped: Logo is the first aspect of branding which helps establish a clear brand identity. Understanding the relevance of the brand and the role it plays as a business is important to consider when designing the logo. With minimal elements going into it, we were able to represent the idea of the brand in the logo, as the above stated description of the brand itself. As usual, we provided the client with thorough guidelines about how they could use the logo in different places and how it can be altered to fit different images. We don’t just create the logo, but we also provide vital services necessary to our clients. Furthermore, we also created the rest of the materials needed to complete the branding process for Handcrafted foods like banners, voucher covers, packs, etc.

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