Shriya Som

With a foundation of grace and a touch of playfulness, Shriya Som, a prominent name from Hyderabad, specializes in occasion wear, luxury pret, and bespoke attire, redefining fashion.

About the brand:

Shriya Som is a renowned design house from Hyderabad which provides occasion wear, luxury pret and bespoke garments. Their design fundamental is graceful, yet playful.

What they needed:

A video shoot of their upcoming collection to make a powerful statement.

How we helped:

Before aiming our lens anywhere, we understood the design sentiments of the brand. They needed a wide picture of elegance, painted with details of energy, joy and playfulness. Our team of cinematographers were given guidelines regarding how to accomplish these things, be it framing the shots, the inclusion of elements in them or how the models were instructed. In the end, we achieved what we set out to do and had phenomenal results on our hands.

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