Telangana Spice Kitchen

Telangana Spice Kitchen" is a captivating culinary destination that celebrates tradition through its array of authentic dishes, paired with a curated selection of liquors, offering a harmonious blend of flavors and cultural richness.

About the brand:

Telangana Spice Kitchen is one of the top authentic
Telangana-cuisine restaurants in the city. It’s a well-known establishment
with a good history and a sizeable fanbase.

What they needed:

The restaurant was in need of re-branding itself. As
their market and user base was increasing and diversifying, they wanted
to update their outdated and subpar branding image and materials.

How we helped:

In the branding drive for the restaurant, we established
a strong colour identity for them. We reformed all their marketing
materials like menu cards, bottle covers, in-house posters, social media
collaterals and banners. For a restaurant which concerns itself with spice,
we went with a colour scheme that highlighted that aspect and slapped it
across all their verticals, to establish a very strong identity.

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