The Wilderness Retreat

scape to a serene haven where our nature resort seamlessly blends into the lush surroundings, offering a tranquil retreat for those seeking harmony with the great outdoors.

About the brand: The Wilderness Retreat is a nature getaway resort in Gandipet, Hyderabad. It provide the promise of serving as a retreat as it is cut off from civilisation and landlocked with the inside the mighty expanse of serene nature.

What they needed: The resort is quite excellent but it is cut-off from the city and out of bounds from the word on the street. Thus, the word had to be sent to the people. The resort wanted to show off the breathtakingly beautiful scenery it was enveloped in and the kind of services that would be available at their place.

How we helped: Our brand helped deliver a massive collection of photos, covering each and every aspect of their resort. We used a wide range of equipment to cover these different aspects like the scenic beauty, the comfy rooms, the gathering spots, the trails, the decorations, the grounds, the flora and fauna, the staff, the facilities and the kind of peace one can attain in this place.

The point in mind while shooting for this place was that the photos we took shouldn’t emit a single sound. Yes, pictures have noise. They speak, they convey something. But ‘peace and distance’ were the selling points of this resort and that’s what we wanted our photos to represent. Thus, every single picture we took had a blank sound. You could feel lost in the place and that helped establish a strong brand presence for the resort.

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